Empirical Learning

Simulations possess unique features that create the potential for instructional benefits not offered by any other medium.


Cryptic Congo

"Cryptic Congo is a strategic simulation that is designed to bring our the behaviourial attributes in an individual or a team by creating interesting and challenging situations."

To “Plan” amid chaos, because you do not get a copy-book situation and then “Prepare” adequately for optimal use of resources...... But then choice is...whether to plan for survival or to reap the maximum. It is the choice between these two tangentially opposite working mindset that set the environment for decision making, strategising and execution, where participants work in teams under multiple pressures of time, competition, dwindling resources and conflicting views.

In this interactive learning adventure, you get to decipher the secrets of leadership, planning and working in a team through experiencing the jungle, which is full of danger and uncertainties.

This provides a valuable experience and has a life changing takeaway. With pressure and limitations bearing down you will need to get the most from every decision in order to succeed.




Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.- Sun Tzu

The concept of buying and selling has changed more in recent years than it has in the past several decades. Buyers are more sophisticated and, thanks to the Internet, are awash in information and research. Yet, at the same time, executives are searching—often in vain—for new ways to innovate, compete, and improve their success. When sellers bring value to the discussion and ideas to buyers that they hadn’t previously considered, sellers strengthen their relationships, differentiate from competition, and win more sales. Top sales performers think buying first, selling second. If you want to succeed in sales, you have to understand how buying works, what buyers are going through, and how to map your sales process to their buying process. This program introduces the strategies and tactics that are the foundation of successful selling, and provides the key selling skills needed to become a top-performing salesperson. 

In this interactive unique and compelling program, the participants understand, learn and practice the key behaviors that have been found to be related to success of sales in various scenarios. This live wire , almost real time selling opportunity provided through well crafted ,customized and created to suit to the specific industry need, immerses the participants to bring forth their style of selling behavior before getting them ready to adopt/adapt/add new behaviors in their quiver(TARKASH)


* Lead masterful sales conversations from beginning to end Use questioning techniques to uncover the full set of customer needs and desires.
* Sell ideas, insights, and perspectives that influence the buyer’s agenda and inspire buyer action.
* Communicate value naturally and compellingly.
* Understand buyers, buyer types, and buying.
* Close new business with high success and high integrity.
* Overcome objections that get in the way of the sale.
* Avoid common mistakes that even the best sellers make.


Bounty Bonus

How you arrive is as important as where you arrive. Integrity, Values, Ethics, Relationship, Goals, Results, Ownership, Contribution, Influence, Sharing, Commitment and Understanding…… Each day of our professional life slips through trying to either strike a balance in all these or undercut one to deliver more on the other. In short more often or not ,the compelling pressure to deliver the results pushes the relationships, values, ethics, integrity ,ownership and sharing to back seat. Bounty Bonus sets the challenge to succeed in all because the outcomes of pursuing goals and delivering results are multi-dimensional………!! 

Participants learn that pairing the pursuit of productivity with relationship development creates a competitive path to success, resulting in: * Desire to build more successful, mutually beneficial working relationships.
* Increased ownership of one’s own influence on working environment and corporate/education culture.
* Learning is more successful when problems are presented rather than solutions or methodologies.
* Knowledge sharing for result driven impact.
* Commit to achieve exceptional results amidst change and uncertainty.
* Understand that perception outweighs intentions and the result impacts relationships.

Build Personal Effectiveness


Cross Fire

"A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity."- Dalai Lama

Insight developed from the research on several successful companies across the globe has established the fact that their success emanates from the culture of complete trust among the employees. This culture of trust got established over a period of time through honored commitments and vision of big picture for everyone to connect and where each settled to serve others before self. Thus, resulting in high quality maximized output with excellent customer satisfaction record. Contrary to this , often then not , it is easy to get sucked into a vicious spiral of selfishness, narrow vision of own targets, cut-throat competition and being one up leading to silos around people and perpetual blame-game. 

In this interactive learning adventure, you get to decipher the secrets of relationship building through understanding the larger picture by seeing through neutral eyes and overcoming personal biases in judging people and their actions. With pressures and limitations bearing down, you’ll need to get the most from every decision in order to honor your commitment and deliver the results along with fostering brotherhood among all.


Participants learn to see the BIG PICTURE resulting in:
* Their understanding of connect of their ROLE in big picture.
* Their desire to contribute to building an environment of TRUST.
* Uplift spirit to own and influence.
* Share mutually beneficial relationships in the organization.
* Commit to results with relationships alongside.


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