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Skillmatix helps organization succeed by increasing the effectiveness of employees at all levels. Our unique methodology and customer focus enables us to create more value in the programs we deliver. Each offering is solidly grounded in research uses our extensive experience and creativity.

We use relatively simple end to end process to develop our training programs. The key to success of this approach is that we collaborate with our clients at each and every step to ensure that the training program will be well received by the intended audience and will meet/exceed the organization’s required outcomes. We also engage in long term strategic relationship with our clients where we conduct an exhaustive training need analysis and develop an absolutely custom made training program for employees at various levels of the organization. The implementation of this program is closely monitored and constantly evaluated to meet the objective and eventually ensure enhanced performance linked to ROI.

At Skillmatix training programs are packed with action oriented and information grounded in hard science – proven to increase effectiveness.

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According to NASSCOM (National Association of Software Companies), each year over 3 million graduates and post-graduates are added to the Indian workforce. However, of these only 25 percent of technical graduates and 10-15 percent of other graduates are considered employable by the rapidly growing IT and ITES segments. Hence, what we have today is a growing skills gap reflecting the slim availability of high-quality college education in India and the galloping pace of the country's service-driven economy, which is growing faster than most countries in the world.

The corporate job survey questioned the employers about the single most important thing they want in their prospective employees. They were given options like Numerical and Logical ability, Domain expertise, communication, Cultural fitment, Integrity and Values, Result orientation, Adaptability, Interpersonal skills, and Learning agility. When questioned regarding this, most of the employers across industries voted for Integrity and Values, this was followed by Domain Knowledge.

The interactions with corporate sectors strengthen the fact that they are look for engineering & management graduates with average to excellent academic scores accompanied with excellent soft skills.
A Fresh candidate coming out of college surely will not possess the domain expertise and companies are geared up to train the candidates on technical front.Soft skills development is time taking process and is really hard to inculcate on the job as it directly effects on productivity and cost.
In selection processes employers actually try to evaluate a right mix of soft skills ranging from candidate’s learning curve, communication skills with right influencing capability, attitude to adhere organizational values and adaptability as intrinsic qualities.
Skillmatix aims to bridge this Gap through its “Catalyser” Campus to Corporate Training Program.

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