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Skillmatix is harbinger of Change…starting from personal and culminating at organizational level. We ignite the spark where people adopt behavior- change to become more productive and efficient.

As adults cannot be taught….they learn on their own and we at Skillmatix provide the learning opportunity for adults to imbibe from their own opted-valuable-failures during the fun filled , carefully crafted immersive game.

Skillmatix is a product of thought process that emerged from experiencing the delivery of power point driven Training programs which were outrageously mundane and boring for both participants as well as Trainers. Further, with the advent of internet, diffusion of knowledge became seamless, but what was found to be missing with adult audience was wisdom (correct application of knowledge).To identify this gap, participants require safe and stress free platform to freely apply their knowledge and identify the Gap between knowing and applying correctly. This got evolved into “Simulation Based Empirical Learning” model.

At Skillmatix we are constantly endeavouring to design, develop and deliver more n more SBEL-Simulation Based Empirical Learning programs to cater to L&D needs of the corporate. We have also brought the elements of simulations (snippets) into the regular ILT programs thus making them more fun oriented and experiential.

Skillmatix offers a complete basket of solutions for Training, Engaging & Selecting the workforce. We have the capability of ushering in transformation through competency building and setting up behavior change process.

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Empirical Learning

Simulations possess unique features that create the potential for instructional benefits not offered by any other medium.

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Skills Training

Wholesome and immersive interventions set the stage for personal and organisational transformation by inspiring the employees to create their own action plan.

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Aimed to develop each student to his highest potential on the desired employable skills to achieve success in procuring the dream job.

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Outbound experiences are memorable and the benefits are significant and long lasting.

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